A look at
our past

From our origins to
our present


The first traces in the Middle Ages

A document from 1438 first mentions an estate ‘an der Rynnen’, a dwelling next to an irrigation ditch, as the name indicates.

In 1479 the prince-bishop of Trento granted the farm as a fiefdom and the adjoining vineyard estates are already mentioned at that time. The winegrowing tradition of the Rynnhof is therefore over 500 years old!


Noble owners

In 1516 the winery became the property of the noble von Greiffensee family, which was to be followed by four other aristocratic families over the centuries. The owners probably only came to Termeno at grape-harvest time to taste the freshly picked grapes and young wine.

Holidays at the Rynnhof

In 1862 the municipality of Termeno received half of the house as a bequest and in 1868 it acquired the other half, as well as two vegetable gardens and a large vineyard, for 3,500 florins. The old house served as a hospital and a chapel was built near the entrance.

The hospital was then transferred and in 1928 Oswald Bellutti bought the Rynnhof, which became his family’s residence.

The aristocratic past of the ancient residence can still be seen today: the ceilings of the spacious rooms are decorated with stucco, and there are valuable tiled stoves from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as large wall paintings, often hidden under plaster.

There are five apartments in the former hayloft and servants’ quarters, all tastefully furnished. Each has a balcony, loggia or roof terrace where you can enjoy the wonderful evenings during your stay, no matter how late it is, with a glass of something good and in excellent company, losing yourself in stories or thoughts. There is always something to do: go for walks, immerse yourself in nature or choose other destinations. It is your holiday, to do with exactly as you please, we will be very discreet. But you will always find one of us here, please ask if there is anything you need! We know the area very well of course and can recommend walks, excursions, eateries, bars, events, where to pick mushrooms and berries and much more. Each apartment has its own character and is furnished differently. Our floorplans and descriptions will help you make your choice, but please don’t hesitate to call us for advice.
By the way, our apartments are named after regional wine-growing terms that are very hard to pronounce – why not have a try!