A house with great charm and character that’s rich in history and life, with its own wine cellar, chapel and holiday apartments for those seeking a cosy place to stay. Somewhere to enjoy the southern atmosphere in the middle of the mountains, among rosemary plants and palm trees in the garden while admiring the surrounding peaks.
Just a stone’s throw from the woods, the vineyards and the picturesque town square.


My approach to wine making is inspired by the way of life here in the south of South Tyrol: I follow my own ideas with very precise concepts and a pinch of the southern wind.

Nathalie and the wine

My goal is to make my own wine, one that I like and that reflects my values: characteristic, authentic, fresh, intimately linked to our terroir but still unmistakably mine. This requires consistency and self-confidence, so I remain relaxed and let things take however long they need.



Ansitz Rynnhof  G

Südtirol-Alto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC

“My golden yellow tells 1,001 stories of the flavours of the Orient – and yet I am unmistakably from here. I have character and a beautiful depth.”

Our Wines


Ansitz Rynnhof  L

Südtirol-Alto Adige Lagrein DOC

“Born in the soil of South Tyrol, my colour is unique, my texture velvety, my aroma unmistakable. I am the key to understanding this land.”

Our Wines


Ansitz Rynnhof
Rynn Rosé

“Young, fresh and carefree – that’s me. I dance on your tongue and tempt you with my beautiful colour. I am the summer in your glass!”

Our Wines


Ansitz Rynnhof
Rynn Red

“I love life and pleasure, I am always by your side, a faithful friend, always sincere and with a delicate taste. My red enhances your mood.”

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Ansitz Rynnhof  V

Südtirol-Alto Adige Schiava DOC

“My magic: I am a child of this land and yet a wine in step with the times. I am light and merry, delicate and fine. I enliven your mind and caress your palate!”

Our Wines

Pinot Blanc

Ansitz Rynnhof  W

Südtirol-Alto Adige Pinot Blanc DOC

“Light and refined, full of style and grace, that’s how I like to show myself. Elegance on all occasions is my motto, aromatic but also fresh, fruity and cheerful.”

Our Wines

Traditional wines the organic way

“People who come from South Tyrol usually return at some point. It was no different for me. I love the land and the people. And our local wines.”


Tastings and shopping

The estate shop and tastings

The estate shop is a special place where you can find out about us, our wines and other products; the entrance is just after the chapel.
Make time to taste our products. As well as wines we offer fruit juices, syrups, jams and many seasonal specialities such as our fig mustard, all made entirely with fruit from our orchards and herbs from our vegetable garden.
We will be happy to organise individual wine tastings for you by appointment, as well as guided tours of the cellar and vineyard. Please call or drop us a line with any special requests.

Tastings and shopping

From our origins to our present

Traces in the Middle Ages


Noble owners


From noble estate to hospital


Holidays at the Rynnhof

There are five apartments to choose from on the estate, each with its own distinct personality. Our floor plans and descriptions will help you make your choice, but please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.
By the way, our apartments are named after regional wine-growing terms.

The apartments


the name given to grape clusters


this is the year-old vine, the plant in its first year of growth, consisting of a rootstock onto which the scion of the grape variety is grafted.


the name for the freshly harvested grapes on their way from the vineyard to the cellar.


this is the de-stemmer, the machine that separates the grapes from the stems before pressing.


the wooden basket that was once used to carry grapes from the vineyard.