First documentary evidence

The history of the Rynnhof can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In 1438 the indication of origin "an der Rynnen" appeared for the first time in a document. The property probably takes its name from an open water channel that once ran by. In 1479 the Prince-Bishop of Trento made the estate over as a fiefdom, with its wine-growing lands being mentioned even at that time. Winemaking therefore has a long tradition at the Rynnhof.

In the hands of the aristocracy

In 1516 the noble von Greiffensee family came into possession of the wine estate and held it for over 100 years. Four more aristocratic families followed them up until the middle of the 19th century. It is likely that not all of them resided permanently in Tramin, but that they simply stayed there during the wine harvest with the intention of enjoying the fresh grapes and the new wine produced from them.

From ownership by the aristocracy to use as a hospital

In 1862 the Tramin hospital fund inherited half of the house, with the remainder purchased shortly thereafter. A private chapel was built at the estate entrance. The property subsequently served for a time as a hospital. In 1928 Oswald Bellutti finally acquired the Rynnhof and established himself there with its family.

Even today the Rynnhof manor house still radiates its noble past. Stucco works embellish the ceilings of the generously proportioned rooms. The interior features valuable faience ovens from the 18th and 19th centuries. The plasterwork on the walls conceals extensive murals.


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